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Eat Where Arnold Schwarzenegger Eats, Then Drink Wheat-Filled Drinks

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If you’re looking for hearty goodness, go to the source that fed Arnold Schwarzenegger (because goals, right?). Werkstatt is an Austrian restaurant in Flatbush that puts its competition to shame, with a trendy space that feels like a marriage between the old country (box rail barn doors, distressed brick walls) and current-mood BK (repurposed bottle chandeliers, quirky wood wall art). And, though this may not feel like textbook city eating (there’s more to life than take-out Chinese food, people), you’re going to be low-key obsessed with dishes like crispy gebackene champignons and celery root schnitzel.

Next, head to Wheated for some, well, wheat-filled drinks. With hexagonal wallpaper that feels like it was taken straight out of The Shining’s Overlook Hotel, a vintage bar tap, and some rustic charm for good measure, this bar is all about relaxed ambiance. That said, it’s also just as much about getting tipsy over tasty bevs, like their bittersweet Brown Derby, harvest-happy Big Apple, and cowboy-friendly Horses Neck. Just don’t be afraid to play mix-and-match with your favorite whiskeys and their unique sodas, like Mexican Coke or House White Cola. They’re also very much known for their pizza, in case you get some late night cheese cravings (don’t we all?).


509 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn


905 Church Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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