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Boerum Hill

Arepas For All Diet Preferences And Dive Bars

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White Maize is a casual, relatively inexpensive spot inspired by Venezuelan cuisine. The main attraction here is the arepas, a popular bread-like food made from maize dough and filled with a variety of customized toppings. Whether you’ve just jumped on the keto bandwagon, your partner is gluten-free, or you both happen to be vegan, the expansive menu at White Maize offers something to satisfy all kinds of dietary preferences. Whatever you choose, definitely ask for the spicy sauce on the side—trust us, it's good.

After dinner, head to Boat on Smith Street. Go for the cheap drinks, stay for the laid-back vibe, jukebox tunes, and maybe even a round of pool. The dim, cozy interior and friendly atmosphere attract both locals and visitors, young and old. There are a few tables aside from the bar, but you’ll want to snag a prime spot near the fireplace in the back. If you're turned off by gruff 'what do you want?' service, don't come here (or visit most dive bars).

White Maize

277 Smith Street, Brooklyn


175 Smith St, Brooklyn

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