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Lower East Side

A Perfectly Perfect Night Out on the Lower East Side—Dinner, Drinks & Mood Lighting

  • Drinks
  • Food

Wildair is a casual, yet sophisticated American restaurant on the Lower East Side. They have their system down pat. Stop in, say you want to eat there, find out how long it’ll be and head next door to their sister wine bar, Contra, for a glass or two while you wait for your table. Don’t come here on a night you’re starving and hangry, obviously, but more for a planned date night where there’s no rush—you just want to stare at your person, drink good wine and eat delicious food, in no particular order.

If you’re down for something a little boozier, walk over a few blocks to Fig. 19 on Chrystie street. Hidden behind a door in the art gallery above Home Sweet Home, this place is everything you want from a speakeasy cocktail bar. It’s quite romantic inside, with dark wood and beaded chandeliers—the menu is equally as impressive with inventive mixology named things like "Rhapsody in Rye” and “Night Moves.” And better yet, drinks are decently priced for a speakeasy of this caliber.


142 Orchard Street, Manhattan

Fig. 19

131 Chrystie Street, Manhattan

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