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Midtown West

Here’s a Pre-Dinner Plan: You and Your S.O. Smash the Sh*t Out of Everything in This Room (Trust, It’s Therapeutic)

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Who knew that havoc and mayhem could be such potent aphrodisiacs? At The Wrecking Club, you’re invited to let your catastrophic flag fly, pairing up with your S.O. to literally do nothing but break stuff. For 30 minutes, you and yours have free rein to break, smash, throw, and wreck everything from computers and glass dishes, to printers and cell phones. This is romantic gratification on a whole new level. We recommend you try either their Office Destruction or Glass City packages (seeing as they’re made for twos).

Now that you’ve gotten dish-breaking out of your system, have a seat at Friedman’s (to not break dishes, but eat off of them). This family-run eatery specializes in gluten-free substitutes without sacrificing flavor (like, at all). We covered Friedman’s in our gluten-free guide, and we confidently stand behind their unflinching focus on healthy food options in the city. If you’ve had an itch for some chicken pot pie or fried chicken and waffles, but you’d rather not worry about your health, Friedman’s has you covered.

Wrecking Club

458 9th Avenue, Manhattan


450 10th Avenue, Manhattan

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