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Posted: Jul 02, 2019
By: Rachel Clayton

If You're Feeling Like...American Fare & Ice Cream

In our next installment of If You're Feeling Like... where we pair two New York City happenings that go together like PB&J (or you and your love), we're featuring American fare and ice cream.

Summertime in America can feel nostalgic. As the temperatures go up, our minds go back to the carefree days of our childhood summers, when there were no responsibilities besides finishing your hot dog before digging into ice cream for dessert. Whether you want to revisit that time with your lover, wind back to simpler times and simpler fare, or are simply too heat-fried to deal with more elaborate gastronomy, here’s a list of perfect pairings of classic American fare and ice cream joints.

If you and yours are ever "feeling" like anything else, tag us on Twitter or Instagram @idktonight, and we'll create a guide inspired by you.

No. 1 Jacob's Pickles x Milk Bar

Upper West Side

Verified by Southerners and Northerners alike, this spacious restaurant and bar serves up not only homemade pickles, but delectable piles of fried chicken complete with coleslaw, biscuits, and other fixins. All of their fare can be washed down with a selection of beers or an ice cold sweet tea.

Just a short walk away is Milk Bar, where you can enjoy the beloved cereal milk ice cream for a salty and sweet finish to your evening.

No. 2 The Dutch x DŌ


Hit up The Dutch for your favorite American fare with a hipster spin and a heavy focus on sustainably sourced eats. Along with a barbeque plate piled with smoked meats, are sticky pork ribs with kaffir life, heirloom tomato risotto, and fresh oysters to make all your summer food dreams come true.

A mere power walk away is , the much-hyped spot for cookie dough confections that also serves up their iconic treat in sundae form.

No. 3 Black Iron Burger x Jacques Torres Ice Cream


Black Iron Burger is as comforting as their namesake fare with a wood and brick interior that invites you to enjoy your eats without fuss—but not without mess. Along with great salads and apps, they’re known for their “bib special” burgers and sandwiches dripping in sauce and flavor.

Clean yourself up and brave the jaunt across the avenues to Jacques Torres Ice Cream for the chocolatier’s take on creamy, decadent gelato.

No. 4 Craft x Tipsy Scoop


If you want that Americana taste but in an upscale environment, then Craft will hit all the right notes. The restaurant is elegant yet not stuffy, decorated like a stylish suburban living room and serving up wild halibut, kale caesar salads, and juicy cuts of local meat.

Afterwards, take yourself to Tipsy Scoop, everyone’s favorite alcohol-infused ice cream joint with a colorful (but tiny) interior.

No. 5 Blue Dog Cookhouse and Bar x Holey Cream

Hell's Kitchen

Blue Dog Cookhouse and Bar manages to feel modern yet cozy with teak tables, funky low lighting, and dark walls. Along with an extensive cocktail list, they have everything from healthy fare like hearty salads or a beet and basil panini to more indulgent dishes like Philly cheesesteaks and turkey chili.

After dinner, follow your heart to nearby Holey Cream to witness the perfect marriage of ice cream and donuts. Hint: the ceremony takes place in your mouth.

No. 6 Westville Dumbo x MELT Bakery


It’s all about fresh, local produce at Westville Dumbo, a charming Brooklyn spot that has a diner feel. Along with dinner specialties like grilled cheese with bacon, smoky mac and cheese, and tuna salad, they also have healthy dishes like their Westville cobb.

Another plus? It’s right near MELT Bakery, which serves up cookie ice cream sandwiches with fun names like Cocoa Daddy.

No. 7 Blue Hill x I CE NY

Greenwich Village

Another upscale spot that puts a gourmet twist on American cuisine is Blue Hill—glamorously set in a townhouse. Their menu is ever changing, but also has top-notch produce and butcher cuts, which are featured in the optional 6-course “Farmer’s Feast”.

Less American but just as good is I CE NY, the go-to spot for Thai rolled ice cream topped with lychee, pocky sticks, and other treats.

No. 8 Upland x Kaylee’s Creamery

Kips Bay

Bringing Cali casual-chic to NYC is Upland, a staple for any transplants missing their west coast summer favorites. While they’re known for their fresh ingredient pizzas like the clam pie or margarita, they also have heavier pasta and meat dishes.

Seconds away is Kaylee’s Creamery, which not only has inventive flavors and huge scoops, but homemade waffle cones.

No. 9 The Farm on Adderly x Ice Cream House

Ditmas Park

Rusticly adorable with vintage furniture and photographs? Check. Locally sourced and creative yet familiar dishes like herb roasted chicken, rhubarb ricotta, and a pastured-raise farm burger? Check, check, check.

After filling all the boxes at The Farm on Adderley, swing by the spacious Ice Cream House for cutesie cones with faces, banana splits, and a special birthday sundae that we give you permission to order regardless of when you were born.

No. 10 Juanchi’s Burger x Taiyaki NYC


Burgers have featured heavily as a go-to American summer eat and they reach perfection at the gastropub Juanchi’s Burger. Their toppings are as creative as the names (Old Buddy, No Tears, and Psychedelic Swiss are all top notch) and they also have great fries, mozzarella sticks, and hot wings.

The perfect finish comes from Taiyaki NYC, where you can get creamy soft serve in flavors like green tea and red bean piled into a perfectly baked taiyaki, a fish-shaped cone that’s perfect for both Instagram and your mouth.

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