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Posted: Sep 28, 2017

If You're Feeling Like...Chinese & A Movie

Ever want to keep your night out simple and contained? Something that takes 0 brain power? Introducing a new series by idk called If You're Feeling Like... where we pair two New York City happenings that go together like PB&J. Or you and your love. Because sometimes, maybe even tonight, you feel like "Chinese and a movie" and you want someone (hi!) to make that combo easy for you. If you and yours are ever "feeling" like anything else, tag us on Twitter or Instagram @idktonight, and we'll create a guide inspired by you.

Below, we've rounded up 10 of our favorite "Chinese and a Movie" combos around New York City.

No. 1 Golden Unicorn x Metrograph


Golden Unicorn is sort of difficult to find despite its neon flashing sign. But once you make it in and up the elevator, you’ll be in a gold and red room of dumpling heaven. One of our favorite movie theaters ever is just a short walk away, Metrograph, where old and new movies play and a giant candy wall awaits. This is a night we love — as we’ve already included it in our calendar.

No. 2 Hao Noodle x IFC Center

Greenwich Village

Hao Noodle and the IFC Center are both conveniently located on 6th Avenue steps away from the BDFM and ACE train. The 1 train on 7th avenue is just a 5 minute walk away, too. But regardless of the ease in proximity, Hao Noodle has seriously delicious dishes (don't leave without ordering the Roasted Cantonese Chicken). Meanwhile, IFC Center prides itself on screening a mix of documentaries, blockbusters and more, as well as hosting directors, actors and speakers ahead of their films.

No. 3 La Caridad 78 x AMC Loews Lincoln Square

West Village

La Caridad 78 = cheap, insanely fast and exactly what you're craving. AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 (though a mouthful) = the probably bad, but everything, IMAX action film you need. The screen is humongous at 3 stories high, and you can reserve seats ahead of time. May we recommend the back row?

No. 4 Pinch x Angelika Film Center


Pinch is a new Chinese spot in Soho with an entirely transplanted master team from China (they're the real deal). Snag a spot in the back near the glass window to watch them hand-craft the dumplings. Then walk over to Angelika's, and hopefully catch one of their awesome Q&A's.

No. 5 Nom Wah Tea Parlor x iPic Theaters

Chinatown / Downtown

Nom Wah Tea Parlor is the oldest dim sum parlor in NYC (opened in 1920!) and going there feels like stepping back in time. They're famous for their almond cookie, so enjoy one of those alongside your tea. But save room, because your next stop is the iPic Theater downtown (it's a 14 minute walk so hopefully you'll work up an appetite again). If you're one of those couples who can't stay awake during a movie, this theater might not be the best for you. All of the conditions that come along with a ticket (blanket, reclining chair, comfort food) might knock you out. And tip, reserve a ticket ahead of time. They go fast.

No. 6 Han Dynasty x Village East Cinema

East Village

Han Dynasty made Dandan Noodles a thing again, and for that, we'll be forever grateful. Village East Cinema is one of the last remaining Yiddish theaters in New York. You may be going to see the newest feature flick, but you'll be surrounded by luxury. Tip: once you're in your seat, look up.

No. 7 Auntie Guan’s Kitchen x Quad Cinema

West Village

Auntie Guan's Kitchen is your classic, go-to, no-frills Chinese restaurant. You'll be able to get your favorite dish there. They have several locations, but we suggest sticking to the one nearby Quad Cinema. Quad is a vintage cinema (recently re-done and reopened) that has 4 auditoriums for independent, foreign & documentary films.

No. 8 Xi’an Famous Foods x The Beekman Theater

Upper East Side

For a full review, check out Sophie and Chris' take on Xi'an Famous Foods. The gist: order the spicy cumin lamb burger. And then, enjoy a film at The Beekman Theater which boasts just two screens (so, limited offerings) and delicious concessions (so, awesome).

No. 9 Wu Liang Ye x The Paris Theater

West Village

Go where the NBC execs go: Wu Liang Ye (just steps from the Today Show Plaza). It feels like you're in an old steakhouse, but we love the simple Chinese fare all the same. Then, another idk favorite: The Paris Theater, a 581-seat single-screen movie house.

No. 10 Chinese Club x Nitehawk Cinema


And last but certainly not least, we have our Williamsburg Chinese and a movie night. The Chinese Club is actually more of a Chinese/Malaysian mix with impeccable service and a street-food vibe. Nitehawk is the OG "eat, drink and watch a movie" theater, and for that, it will always be one of our favorites.

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