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Posted: Sep 15, 2020
By: Jordan Scott

Games To Play In The House When You're Bored Together

@idktonight’s round-up of the best games to keep you sane this week. Most of these are free or super cheap, so get to it!

1. Board Games

a) Clue — Nothing like a classic whodunnit to pass the time. It was Colonel Mustard in the Library with the pipe!

b) Trouble — Nothing like popping that plastic bubble and hoping the race around the board goes your way.

c) Chess — Never learned? Challenge each other to learn the brainiac’s game. Check out this video to get a basic understanding.

d) Monopoly — Who knows? It may just inspire you to start a business when all this corona stuff is over with. Check out the Friend's version and may the best player win!

e) Life — It’s the game of life! Create your dream world while this sorta scary one melts away. Also recommended: chomping on some Life cereal while you play.

f) Candyland — Something about Candyland just makes us feel like kids again.

g) Murder Mystery Puzzle (BePuzzled) Are you a puzzle fanatic? Try to complete this 1000-piece set and uncover the hidden clues to solve the murder mystery.

h) Movie Misquote Fill in the blanks and relive iconic film moments.

i) Escape the Room The Game Ready for a challenge? Set up a timer and try to see who escapes first, it gets harder after each adventure.

2. Card Games

a) Crazy EightsThe classic game where eights are wild.

b) War — Throw down cards of the same rank and it's all-out war!

c) Go Fish — Ready, set, go fish!

d) Egyptian RatscrewGet all the cards in your corner and win. Watch out for the slap rule!

e) President, otherwise known as Asshole — Play this one with another couple who comes over.

f) SpitThis wild and crazy game is all about speed and quickness!

g) SpadesIn this game, the spade suit always wins.

h) Tarot Cards tell each other's futures. Remember, every card has several meanings, and it's up to you to reflect on what they mean and how you want to move forward. Check out these three gorgeous decks!

3. Physical Games

a) Charades also an excellent game to play if you have a mini get together with another couple.

b) Headsup you can't not stand up & get super into this automatically.

c) Jenga Hold your breath, this one takes some serious maneuvering.

d) Twister hopefully it leads to some Corona Extras ;)

e) Connect 4 Classic & weirdly satisfying every time you manage to win.

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