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Posted: Feb 14, 2019
By: Sophia Marina

Our 2019 Guide To The Best Valentine's Day Ever In NYC

The guide we’re most excited to release every year is here…the 2019 Valentine’s Month Guide in New York City. Because we don’t believe in one mushy day to celebrate your love, we believe in (well, 365) but at least 28 days of putting a little extra oomph into your love life. We’ve rounded up the best events taking place the entire month of February with exclusive promotions to celebrate you and yours. We’re collaborating with restaurants, events, and partners who believe in a good love story as much as we do, and we’re thrilled to bring idk readers amazing deals—and even better memories.

So whether you want to try a cooking class, go to an underground lust party, fly high above NYC in a helicopter, or see a show a show so funny you’ll be falling out of your seat and grasping each other, we have something for everyone this year. Grab a glass of wine, and begin scrolling. Your best V-Day plans ever are in here.

The Best Valentine's Plans Throughout February in NYC

No. 1 Your Love, Our Musical x Balvanera

Lower East Side

Your Love, Our Musical

21 Clinton Street, Manhattan

Your unique and personal love story is one that’s always a little pleasure to tell, and this Valentine’s Day, you might just be able to give it the gift of song. Professional musical theater comedians Rebecca Vigil and Evan Kaufman present Your Love, Our Musical, a bright, glorious and funny improv sketch based on one lucky couple’s love story—turning cherished tinder dates, college crushes and subway miracles into a brilliant and highly entertaining production.

You’ll hear choruses singing your names, lyrics about your cute couple quirks, and scenes recreating your favorite moments. And if you don’t get picked, it’s still one of the most hysterical/impressive shows we’ve ever been to. Tickets are $15 in advance, and $20 at the door—get them here for the chance to give your relationship the musical glory it deserves.


152 Stanton Street, Manhattan

All that endearing storytelling and raucous laughter is going to leave you feeling pretty ravenous, and to satisfy the hunger and meet your fine and fancy Valentine’s Day dinner needs, it’s Argentinian steakhouse Balvanera that’ll do the trick.

This authentic South American restaurant prioritizes flavor above all else, highlighting a combination of the Buenos Aires and Argentina’s boldest ingredients, all in an airy and elegantly simple dining space. We recommend starting with the grass-fed beef tartare and roasted cauliflower, and when it comes time for the main event (their famous meat), we love the chorizo and ribeye.

No. 2 FlyNYON Valentine's Day Flight x Champagne Lounge

Kearney, New Jersey

FlyNYON Valentine’s Day Flights

78 John Miller Way, Kearny, New Jersey

What better way to capture the sky-high feelings you share for each other than by soaring over the blissfully scenic city you share your lives in? These helicopter tours zip you above Manhattan with full views of Midtown, the Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center and Brooklyn Bridge with a route designed for optimum aerial photography, so that you and your love can capture every adrenaline-filled second.

Choose from either doors-off or door-on, with different time lengths available for different prices, and give yourselves the gift of a brand new and totally sublime experience. With FlyNYON, you’ll be creating romance out of adventure, fun, and breathtaking New York City beauty. This is where you can find all the booking options, pricing, and details. Use the code idktonight35 for 35% off at check out.

Champagne Couples Lounge

Once you’re back on terra firma, make your way back inside the luxe hangar for a special idk tonight x FlyNYON couples lounge. Expect champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, free date night ideas provided by idk tonight, games and more. It’s the ultimate hangout lounge, and only available on Februrary 14th. You may even meet idk founder Jordan Scott, and her fiancé, Nick who will be there running the show!

No. 3 Petal+Eon: Make Your Own Bouquet That Lasts A Year x Marea

Midtown West

Petal + Eon

Floor 15, 1740 Broadway, Manhattan | Wednesday, February 13th | 7:30-9:00pm

Flowers are love’s most classic token, but instead of gifting a bouquet that’ll wither in a week, give your S.O. an even stronger symbol of your love with a handmade bouquet to last the whole year. We’re teaming up with Petal+Eon to bring you a super cute hands-on event to warm up your romantic spirits the day before Valentine’s Day, giving you all the tools and guidance you need to put together a beautiful, blossoming bouquet from peak-bloom preserved Eon Flowers.

Show up alone if you need something special to surprise your person with the next day, or create your symbol of undying love together—the $65 registration fee is good for you and your guest to share one bouquet. But since you’re coming from idk, use the promo code idktonight for 40% off! Grab your discounted tickets here.


240 Central Park South, Manhattan

When all the fun of arts and crafts is done, carry your bouquet over to Michelin-starred Italian restaurant Marea for a taste of true New York City decadence and style. Elegance here is front and center, with celebrated Chef Michael White carefully pulling strings for a high-end setting that’s simple, but sophisticated, in its design. With a general focus on seafood, some standout dishes include the pansotti (lobster, squid ink, Calabrian chili, and bottarga) and the Brodetto di Peace (Adriatic seafood soup with clams, langoustine scallop, prawns, and bass).

No. 4 Corkbuzz Finding the Perfect Match: Wine & Chocolate Pairing x Olio e Piú

Greenwich Village

Finding the Perfect Match: Wine & Chocolate Pairing

Corkbuzz, Manhattan | February 8th | 9:00 PM | $150 / couple *inclusive of gratuity

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like indulging in rich chocolate and delicious wine. In honor of the upcoming occasion, we’ve partnered with our favorite wine bar, Corkbuzz, to create a wine and dessert pairing like you’ve never experienced before. In this cocktail style class, you and yours will mix and match wines and desserts to find your perfect match. Plus, it’ll have the idk treatment which means couples games, good conversation, and giveaways.

Olio e Piú

3 Greenwich Avenue, Manhattan

Grab some savory food before the Corkbuzz pairing event at Olio e Piú, the most gorgeous, plant-covered restaurant ever. This unapologetically rustic Italian bistro feels as though it were peeled straight out of the Neapolitan countryside it’s inspired by, with the food and decor being as transportive as they are appealing. The dishes whipped up by Chef Dominick Pepe will definitely do justice to your romantic Valentine’s, with standouts including their Polipetti in Panzanella (aka charred baby octopus and tomato ragu) and Ravioli al Funghi (with portobello, shiitake, and porcini in ricotta, parmesan, and truffle butter).

No. 5 The BackFatLor x al di la Trattoria

Park Slope

The BackFatLor

Union Hall, Brooklyn | Thursday, February 14th | Doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 7:30pm

You’ll be clutching your stomachs with laughter and thanking your lucky stars for each other as you watch four wildly funny, professional and single comedians battle it out for an all-expenses-paid date with a hot bachelor (courtesy of idk tonight). Like a mashup of Last Comic Standing and The Bachelor, The BackFatLor is exactly the kind of quality entertainment you want to be consuming with your partner for a Valentine’s Day that’s full of big, hearty laughs, and the happy appreciation that all you ever have to do is enjoy watching dating shows rather than competing in them. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door, but $6 with the code IDKTONIGHT

With our very own founder Jordan Scott on the judging panel, it’s a show that you, as lovers of love and doing love things, surely don’t want to miss. Tickets can be purchased here, and we recommend arriving early to score the best seats.

al di la Trattoria

248 5th Avenue, Brooklyn

Before watching this hilarious love competition, head to authentic northern Italian cuisine at a di la Trattoria. This cozy corner restaurant is fairly low-key on the decor, but its simple digs position all the attention on its menu. With options like seppia and oxtail (stewed cuttlefish and oxtail with garlic, chili, and creamy polenta), malfatti (swiss chard and ricotta gnocchi with brown butter and sage), and spaghetti neri alla chitarra (homemade black spaghetti, octopus confit, basil, and hot chili peppers), you’ll both fall in love with the rich, colorful flavors and gorgeously rustic plating—and on a night that’s all about toasting to the depth and authenticity of your love with each other, it’s only fitting that you have a fully authentic, enriching and profound meal.

No. 6 The Sweetheart Soirée x Bathtub Gin


Sweetheart Soirée

Norwood, Manhattan | Friday, February 8th | 9pm-1am

Spend your Valentine’s Day evening smiling and swooning at ritzy, luxe and vibrantly bohemian private mansion Norwood, where the lively and enchanting 9th annual Sweetheart Soirée is taking place. Hosted by jazz master Michael Arenella, this night of love includes live jazz, dance lessons, a sweetheart kissing booth, Cupid-approved cocktails, sweet treats, plush seats and room for dancing in a house of vivid colors, stirring styles and eclectic designs.

It’s a black tie event, so make sure you dress your best so that you and your love can enjoy a night of fine drink, dance, sensuous beauty and alluring, romantic wonder. Early Bird tickets are $75, and general admission tickets are $85—they’re limited, so get ‘em quick.

The idk audience also gets $5 off your ticket, use this code at checkout—DREAMLANDSAMORE2019

Bathtub Gin

132 9th Avenue, Manhattan

Pre-game your night of sweet love at dark, fabulously ornate and secreted away speakeasy Bathtub Gin. The gin-centric cocktails build on classic drinks from 1920s America, keeping them classically styled while adding subtle modern enhancements and exquisite touches, with a menu that spans a global variety of tasteful, elevated dishes, prepared in satisfying elegance.

Stepping through the bar takes you back to the roaring 20s—copper colored ceilings, fringe-covered lamps, and most importantly, right in the center of the room, a glass-covered, clawfoot bathtub. It’s just the kind of glamorous, swanky, yet lowkey cocktail bar to promise the romance and intimacy you need before you set out to the soiree, with a solid meal to back up the stunning drinks.

No. 7 Sweethearts Bazaar x LOCL Bar

Upper West Side

Sweethearts Bazaar

Grand Bazaar NYC, Manhattan | Sunday, February 10th, 10am-5:30pm

Whether you’re looking for something special to give your love as a token on February 14th, or simply in the spirit of celebrating love’s number one holiday with your very own number one, the Sweethearts Bazaar has got all the quirky gifts, handmade trinkets, unique antiques and Valentine’s Day treats to get your hearts glowing. Shop the city’s biggest weekly market with your person and make a day out of trying things on, discovering treasures, marveling at artisan work, and sharing heart-shaped foods galore. With 100% of profits donated to local public schools, there’s a lot to warm your hearts. This is where you can register.


222 West 77th Street, Manhattan

LOCL Bar, located inside the ArtHouse Hotel, is known throughout NYC as the home to over-the-top pop-ups, and it’s all the elegant flair you’ll want for winding down from shopping while keeping the Valentine’s preparations going. The shared plates, drinks and ambiance are sleek, chic and quiet, with a zinc bar and piano lounge bringing the smooth and sexy vibes of a classy date night—all great reasons to end your night at this quaint 1920s inspired lounge.

No. 8 Blind Date: Sleep No More x The Lodge at Gallow Green


Sleep No More

The McKittrick Hotel, Manhattan | February 14th, 7:00pm, 7:45pm, and 8pm

Make this Valentine’s Day a wildly exciting, highly dramatic and hugely enjoyable one by copping tickets to adrenaline-infused immersive theater experience Sleep No More, an exhilarating production based on Macbeth. Slip on your Venetian carnival masks and hold hands tight as you two are let loose on the hotel floors of the McKittrick and made to follow around the famed characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, the MacDuffs, King Duncan, and a variety of witches as they undress, dance, make love, murder each other and wash off blood.

The fabulously professional props, haunting hotel scenery, and highly-skilled acrobatic actors and dancers lift the famous play to new heights in an enchanting, accessible way that’ll have your hearts pumping and blood rushing—just the way you want it to be when you’re around each other. Tickets are going fast for the Valentine’s Day show, so make sure to get them here.

Before that, start with a sumptuous dinner in The Club Car ($125-$175 dinner only, $230-$280 with Sleep No More, seatings from 6-10:30pm), prepared by Executive Chef Pascal Le Seac’h. Lovebirds will be swept away by lavish décor, impeccable service, and a three-course meal paired with wine, beer or bubbly. The sophisticated sounds of a live jazz band and option to request a private train car make for a swoon-worthy affair.

The Lodge at Gallow Green

The McKittrick Hotel, Manhattan

Wind down from all the rave and high drama over warm drinks and toasty flames at The Lodge at Gallow Green, the McKittrick Hotel’s winter rooftop hideaway. Plaid blankets draped over comfy chairs, a hefty fire pit, fragrant pine needles, and eclectic prints decorate this winter getaway to maximize the amount of coziness you and your love can experience, and there are even bunk beds to sit on for an ultra-rustic touch—for the cozy, cute and warm wind-down you want to any perfect Valentine’s Day.

No. 9 LUST: Valentine’s Day by Abby Hertz x Jupiter Disco


LUST: Valentine’s Day by Abby Hertz

Lot 45, Brooklyn | Friday, February 15th at 9:00pm – 3:00am

This provocative evening is all about indulging the senses and pushing your boundaries to their most pleasurable ends, with a sumptuous feast and daring performers that’ll bring you and your person to the exciting edges of your sensuality.

Love and lust express themselves freely and fully here, starting with a three-course meal that you’ll scoop up with your hands off of naked bodies or have fed to you by seductive servants, and leading into a night of ecstatic pleasures including erotic art installations and daringly alluring performances. There will be interactive art, a cuddle-puddle lounge, a VIP dungeon, human candelabras, a hot wax play area and aerial, fire, dance and contortion performances all night long, so you’ll have everything you need to let your inhibitions go together.

This is the way to give your Vday weekend a heated, heady flair, and just the inspiration you need to bring some more heightened sensuality and hot sex into the bedroom. Tickets range from $45-$175, and you can get them here.

Jupiter Disco

1237 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn

Before you get to indulging, kick off the night at nearby cocktail spot Jupiter Disco. If Mad Max and Star Wars had a love child and that love child grew up into a sexy, tech noir DJ, it would be named after this bar. The killer sound system and dark, industrial vibes, make this futuristic and boozy bunker the right place to get a little liquored up and loose for the night ahead– and you might just want to let your inhibitions down as early as you can, ‘cause it’s sure going to get steamy for you and your person.

No. 10 F*ck Love by House of Yes x Faro


F*ck Love by House of Yes

House of Yes, Brooklyn | Thursday, February 14th-15th | 10pm-4am

This Valentine’s Day dance party at House of Yes asks for only one thing: that you celebrate love however the f*ck you want, as long as you celebrate it. Kissing, spanking, dirty talk, roses—it’s all about letting the romance flow fully and freely.

The space will be decked out in red and pink (and that’s dress code), with fantastic lights, dreamy music, champagne, kissing booths, hearts, and love tarot. Basically, it’s love paradise, and it’s perfect for couples looking to make this Valentine’s Day a wonderfully wild one. RSVP so that you and your babe can get in free before 11pm—your last chance is the Monday, February 11th, when a round of 50 more RSVP slots will go out—or buy tickets for $10-$15 each. Just make sure you get them because this party is seriously going to slay for romance.


436 Jefferson Street, Brooklyn

Before the performance, make your way to Faro, a seasonal restaurant serving handmade pasta dishes sourced from local grains, with meats and vegetables that highlight the best of the bounty of local New York farms. Enjoy creative takes on gnocchi, peekytoe crab, and scallops. We recommend the Squid Ink Stracci with lobster and peas. If you and your honey prefer to celebrate your love on Friday or Saturday, try the place’s eight-course tasting menu for $85 per person.

No. 11 Lola Jean Erotic Classes x Shuko

Union Square

Lola Jean Classes

3 F Studios, Manhattan | Multiple Throughout February

Seasoned and sensual sex goddess Lola Jean is offering a sizzling array of sexual lessons to bring the heat and the passion to your Valentine’s Day, with instruction on how to please your partner in ways you never knew, but always wanted to know. Options include Oral Fixation: A Lesson in Cunnilingus and Fellatio, to hone your skills in oral sex, and lessons in giving sexy and satisfying erotic massages, as well as self-pleasure workshops and Valentine’s Couples Retreats, which are sex-positive staycations to give you and your love a special chance to connect.

Best of all, idk tonight readers get 10% off with code IDKTONIGHT on the erotic massage lessons, Valentine’s retreats and masturbation workshops, so there’s no reason not to get sexy, sweet and heated at these eye-opening and blood-warming sex classes for two.

Oral Fixation: A Lesson in Cunnilingus and Fellatio, February 8th

Couples Erotic Massage, February 9th & February 13th

Valentines Day Love Thyself: A Self Pleasure Workshop, February 14th

Valentine’s Couples Retreat #1, Friday, February 8th at 8 p.m. & Sunday, February 10th at 2 p.m.

Valentine’s Couples Retreat #2, Friday, February 15th at 8 p.m. & Sunday, February 17th at 2 p.m.


47 East 12th Street, Manhattan

After (or before, depending on your plans) getting hot and raw with Lola Jean, head over to upscale, omakase-only Shuko for an unforgettably tantalizing evening, where the dinner presentation is a core part of the experience. The multi-course chef’s choice of sashimi and sushi is curated by executive chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau, graduates of Chef Masa Takayama’s three-Michelin starred Masa in Columbus Circle (one of NYC’s most expensive restaurants), so that high-scale, ultra-fine, and tasteful touch is guaranteed for a flawless Valentine’s spread.

Each course is a carefully presented piece of artwork, so take your time with the experience and use all of your senses to take it in. A meal like this is meant to be savored with the same deep appreciation, sensuality, and tenderness you experience in each other.

No. 12 Valentine’s Day Dinner Shows with Musae

Multiple Locations

Valentine’s Day Dinner Shows with Musae

Our idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day includes not only a decadent dinner but a perfectly sweet serenade to give it that extra-romantic touch—and we’ve partnered up with Musae to get our readers some idk tonight discounts to two of the enchanting, intriguing and wonderfully diverse nights they’ve got lined up.

Warm up for Valentine’s Day on February 13th with an Opera Dinner at Zavo, a sleek and classy Mediterranean spot that’ll deliver a 3 course meal while you and your love enjoy the dulcet, impressive and enthralling voices of Met Opera stars performing famous solos from productions such as Carmen, Don Giovanni, and Madame Butterfly.

For something a little zestier, spend your Valentine’s Day evening at Arabesque, where a sensuous belly dancing, champagne, and a live DJ will accompany a 3-course Moroccan dinner and show. To get tickets, make an account with Musae here for Opera and here for Moroccan, then apply our 20% discount with code IDKTONIGHT.

No. 13 Valentine’s Day Glassblowing Workshops with UrbanGlass x Bacchus

Fort Greene

Valentine’s Day Glassblowing Workshops with UrbanGlass

UrbanGlass, Brooklyn | Thursday, February 14th | Valentine’s Day Special: 6:00pm-10:00pm, Fires of Love: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Valentine’s Day romance by no means needs to be confined to standard dinner dates or champagne toasts, and UrbanGlass is offering two special workshops to bring the heat and flames to your special evening in an exciting, eclectic way. Try their Valentine’s Day Special, a two-hour workshop led by skilled instructor Josh Raiffe for creating all things sentimental—hearts, flowers, or whatever cutesie objects you want to make as a representation of your love.

For something a little more complex, opt for Fires of Love, a three-hour flameworking class in which you and your S.O. will make a glimmering, heart-themed sun catcher take home and keep as an endearing symbol of your love for each other.

When you book mentioning idk, you and yours will receive free Nunu chocolate, made at a local Brooklyn chocolatier, to enjoy on your way home. It’s the little things, right?


409-411, 1702, Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Wrap up your creations and wind down over a French and fancy dinner at Bacchus, an elegant but simple bistro where white linen tablecloths, candles, and flowers abound. This cozy, idyllic restaurant abides by deliciously traditional French cooking but packs a major punch to the palate behind the scenes.

With gourmet-level dishes that include some elevated touches on old-school cuisine, like cassoulet (aka duck leg, but fancy), bouillabaisse (traditionally ugly, but delicious), and foie gras torchon (with chestnuts and pomegranate), the classic and contemporary mix makes the cuisine here just the right amount of modern and fine to check all the boxes for a flawless Valentine’s Day dinner.

No. 14 Dinner in the Dark at CAMAJE x Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar

West Village

Dinner in the Dark at CAMAJE

CAMAJE Bistro, Manhattan | Thursday, February 14th | 5:30pm or 8:30pm

Make your Valentine’s Day meal an extra-sensuous one at CAMAJE, an invitingly bizarre French bistro that’ll take you and your love through a multi-course feast totally blindfolded. Without sight and with all of your other senses heightened, it’s a different kind of bonding experience that’ll exhilarate, stimulate and tickle your sensory perceptions, with an invisible hand filling your wine glass endlessly. Make your reservations for the 5:30pm dinner here, and the 8:00pm dinner here.

Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar

34 Downing Street, Manhattan

After your sensory experience has left you feeling full and happily astounded, head over to Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar for an expert assortment of wines from around the world that’s sure to brighten your night. Dabble over some Marcona almonds, small toasts, and fine cheeses while getting on with your intimate evening, and don’t worry about any interruptions—the bar is quiet and unassumingly private. It’s a small oasis that never gets too loud, meaning you can pack as much of the V-day affection as you like.

No. 15 Valentine’s Day Tango Workshop x The NoMad Restaurant


Valentine’s Day Tango Workshop

Triangulo, Manhattan | 7:00pm-8:30pm

Bring all the red hot flair and spice of Tango to your relationship with a special Valentine’s Day Tango Workshop at Triangulo, a short but sweet class that’ll coax the passion and rhythm out of you both. Supplemented with roses, sparkling cider and chocolate covered strawberries, the sensuality and sexiness are bound to get out of control as you sway and strut across the dancefloor in each other’s arms.

Whether you think you can dance or not, this zesty, exuberant experience will add the heat you need to make your Valentine’s Day fun, sexy and ultra-romantic. Tickets here.

The NoMad Restaurant

1170 Broadway, Manhattan

This is basically a Valentine’s Day dinner hack, given the great price you’re paying for a celebrity chef’s second restaurant without the stuffy, tasting-menu-only vibes. At the NoMad, Chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park and Michelin fame brings casual elegance and the same attention to precision and flavor to this Flatiron restaurant, but with a la carte options aplenty and a distinctly New York take on Old World ambiance. The transparent glass ceiling, deep scarlet accents, and lush hanging plants make for a dark, sexy scene to set the mood for your V-day dinner date.

No. 16 Cook Space x Hollow Nickel

Boerum Hill


CookSpace, Brooklyn | Multiple Dates and Times

What better way to prepare for Valentine’s Day than by learning to make the decadent dishes and treats you want to be feeding each other on the day of? We’ve partnered up with Cook Space to get you and your S.O. exclusive deals on these useful (and sexy!) lessons: a Chocolate Truffle Workshop, so you can skip the store-bought assortment you might not even like; an Asian Fusion Class that’ll bring handmade kimchi dumplings and longevity noodles to your table; and a perfectly-suited Date Night Dinner Workshop that’ll give you all the tools you need to create the perfect, mouthwatering spread to seduce your honey with anytime, any day. Use codes IDKCHOCOLATE, IDKFUSION and IDKDATENIGHT for 15% off.

Hollow Nickel

494 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

When you’ve made your dinner and had it too, head over to Hollow Nickel for some drinks and rustic-meets-romantic vibes. Serving up craft brews in a quaint, but dapper setting—complete with adorable wooden just-for-two booths, farmhouse style accents, seasonal craft drinks (like the Bright Eyed Ginny and Lemon Lorry), and a deliberately rusted bar that will speak to your creative soul—Hollow Nickel is all about indulging you in its charming, laid-back atmosphere.

No. 17 In A World: The Dating Show x Hillstone


In A World: The Dating Show

The Striker Stage, The PIT, Manhattan | Friday, February 8th, 8:00pm

Although dating in New York doesn’t suck for you, it does suck for everyone else—so you might as well get a good laugh out of it and give yourselves another reason to be glad you have each other. Matchmaker comedian Emma Vernon gets the comedy rolling at In A World: The Dating Show by setting audience members up on a blind date on stage and letting the hilarity of the awkward moments, butterflies and first-times shine through with some professionally improvised help.

Best of all, the dating scenes are all based on real dates that idk tonight has curated, so who knows? You could end up reliving some sweet, sweet memories and adding a layer of laughs to the good times. Tickets here.


378 Park Avenue South, Manhattan

All those laughs will leave you with an appetite—not just for food, but for a real date. Enter Hillstone, an upscale American spot with sparkling service and a dark, sleek ambiance perfect for stealing away and feeling like you’re the only ones left in the world. It’s the perfect place to treat yourselves, with decadent takes on favorites like Sushi and Burgers, as well as prime New American dishes like Double Cut Porkchops and Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes.

No. 18 Cupid's Undie Run x Taboon

Hell’s Kitchen

Cupid’s Undie Run

Stage 48, Manhattan | Saturday, February 9th, 12-4pm

There’s nothing like a high-flying adrenaline rush with the one you love at your side, and Cupid’s Undie Run gives you the opportunity to do just that, and for a good cause—finding a cure for neurofibromatosis. Leave your fears, insecurities, and clothes at the door before streaking into the New York City cold for a quick, exhilarating mile, and when you’re done with the run, dance the cold away at a lit after-party. Register here—tickets are $40 and couldn’t be more worth it.


773 10th Avenue, Manhattan

The flowing white curtains, tables, and chairs make Taboon a pure a pristine place to celebrate your love, with quality Mediterranean eats to energize, satisfy and flavorfully warm you up after your crazy run. With their namesake wood-burning oven turning out excellent and freshly baked focaccia and lamb kebab pot pie, this Middle Eastern restaurant brings vibrant spices and boldly-articulated flavors to the culinary landscape of Hell’s Kitchen. Reserve here.

No. 19 RSVP at Arlo x Massoni


RSVP at Arlo

Arlo NoMad, Manhattan | Saturday, February 15th, 7:30pm-9:30pm

Don’t let the bubbly, sweet and sexy Valentine’s Day vibes die on the 14th—instead keep the love flowing at RSVP at Arlo, an excellently curated variety show that aims for intimate entertainment like you’ve never seen before in NYC. Music, comedy, burlesque, magic, dance and more will fill up the evening, with special deals like free drinks to accompany every ticket and 15% off dinner at Massoni to make the offer even more irresistible. And just let them know you’re a part of idk’s audience and get glasses of sparkling rose and prosecco for half-off all through Valentine’s weekend.


11 East 31st Street, Manhattan

We’d be crazy if we didn’t recommend doing dinner at the gorgeous restaurant underneath the show that you’re already getting 15% off at. Massoni is a brick-walled, cozy Italian joint that is sure to impress you and yours on V-Day. Because while the food is delicious, ease and simplicity is the best way to enjoy dinner together.

No. 20 Harmony 2019 by the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus x Del Posto


Harmony 2019 by the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus

Current, Pier 59, Chelsea Piers | February 14th, 6pm-11pm

This wholesome V-day event includes cocktails, a silent and a live auction, dinner, awards, a raffle, dessert and of course, a string of soul-moving performances not only by the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus (to whom all proceeds are directed), but also by five renowned female Broadway vocalists. It’s a fundraiser that’ll envelop you and your love in gorgeous, heartwarming ballads and love songs, with champagne, roses and good cause to round out the festivities. This is where you can snag some tickets for you and your one and only.

Del Posto

85 10th Avenue, Manhattan

Indulge in a hearty pasta or tender veal while basking in the splendor of grandiose, palatial surroundings at Del Posto, considered one of the city’s top spots for Italian fare. You are paying the full price here, but damn is it worth it.

For Valentine’s Day, they’ve created a special 8-course tasting menu for $295 per person, along with a wine pairing option for $175. In honor of the holiday, Chef Melissa Rodriguez created a celebratory tasting menu that serves two perfectly, with a selection of two different dishes for each course. Love.

No. 21 Oscar Wilde: Love Conquers All x Vin Sur Vingt Wine Bar


Love Conquers All

Oscar Wilde, Manhattan | February 14th

This romantic restaurant, known for its Victorian Era inspired decorative molding, massive ceilings that rival the Palace of Versailles, and richly detailed gold accents with an intricately detailed cocktail lounge is the perfect place to celebrate your love. Even better, the theme for the night is Love Conquers All—something you and your love are definitely familiar with. The restaurant is offering a few specials—a Seafood Tower for Two with chilled shrimp, oysters, crab salad, mussels and clams, Maple Leaf Farms Duck Confit with squash purée and sautéed crimini mushrooms and Chocolate Bomb for dessert which is a chocolate ganache with Nutella and raspberry lacquer. They’ve even introduced two specialty cocktails all in honor of this special day.

What’s more, the idk audience gets 25% off your bill—just make your reservation in advance, and say the code “IDKTONIGHT” while you’re at it, and you’re all set.

Vin Sur Vingt Wine Bar

1140 Broadway, Manhattan

After your sumptuous meal, head over to Vin Sur Vingt Wine Bar for a romantic nightcap or two. With a continuously rotating, extensive list of 250 wines (over 50 wines offered by the glass nightly) it’s clear why this bar has garnered such a great reputation. The rotating menu is chosen from selective regions such as Loire Valley, Bourgogne, Corscia, Bordeaux, and more. Sip on sweet wines that start at just $12.50 or opt for a bottle to take the evening up a notch. Whether your preference is white, red, rose, sweet, tart or dry, there are

No. 22 Date Night with Sofar Sounds x Le Coucou


Sofar Sounds Date Night

Thursday, February 14th | Arrival Time: 8:00pm-8:25pm

We’re all about making the whole month of February a month of love, and doing sweet, spontaneous and stimulating things with your S.O. is not only how you show the love, but grow the love. How about a secret, guaranteed-good concert to make you both swoon?

Somewhere in SoHo, Sofar sounds is hosting an exclusive music sesh that’ll get you and your person for a super intimate set with an artist that’s yet to be revealed, but sure to be someone you want to see up close—and if there’s anything more romantic than hearing a great musician croon their heart out with the one you love, it’s adding a layer of mystery and excitement.

idk has paired up with Sofar sounds for a little competitive fun this Valentine’s. One lucky couple is selected at random for two free tickets to this Valentine’s night show. Enter here, and winners will be notified by 12th Feb!

Le Coucou

Before the show, start your celebration with an old school, get-all-dolled-up, night on the town type of date night dinner at Le Coucou. Located on the ground floor of 11 Howard, Daniel Rose and Stephen Starr’s vision of classic French cuisine takes you back to the glory days of lavish dining and haute cuisine. With rows of chandeliers, lush banquettes, and an expansive, open kitchen layout, Le Coucou provides a welcome respite and stark contrast to its trendier counterparts nearby and is the perfect spot to celebrate your love for each other.

Restaurants With V-Day Menus We Love & Cocktail Lounge Pairings

Blue Hill

Start or end the night at Amelie Wine Bar, because no one is more romantic than the French.

Greenwich Village

Barack Obama once chose Blue Hill for a special occasion with first lady Michelle, so you know it’s got all the elegance and lowkey beauty for the perfect Valentine’s Day evening. It’s a locally sourced, seasonal menu from its very own farm just 45 minutes upstate, and the dimly lit room, abound with fresh flowers, crisp white linens, and subtle grey accents, is exactly the serene space to make for the intimate ambiance you crave to pay homage to your love in through a special and curated meal. Chef Dan Barber is offering a special six-course tasting menu on V-day at $285 per person, and we highly, highly recommend jumping on those reservations early.

Then, after dinner, have a glass or two at Amelie Wine Bar, where the French vibes and warm glow will serve as the cozy culmination to an atmospherically eclectic night.

Il Buco

Start or end the night with a cocktail and games at Sweetwater Social.


Imagine a romantic, starlit evening in Italy—and then make it your February 14th reality by taking your love to Valentine’s dinner at bucolic ristorante Il Buco, a prime New York establishment that promises intimacy, beauty, and rustic, old world charm out of its vintage rough-wood and copper pots space. Arches of brick, warm light, and peaceful countryside vibes emanate from the scene as a foundation for the decadent and seasonal Italian spread available for consumption. No matter the season, they promise decadent, authentic dishes to fill you with deep, delicious warmth. Candlelight, pasta, house wine, and all of it in total authenticity ensure an intimate, idyllic setting for a celebrating everything about your relationship with a meal that’s just as deep, passionate and satisfying.

Then, after you’ve satisfied your appetite, elevate your night at Sweetwater Social where the bartenders know what they’re doing, and shuffleboard and other games await.


Start or end the night with a cocktail at Weather Up.

Prospect Heights

Super-mod American eatery Olmsted not only boasts chef-farmers that are dedicated to ingredients, ambiance, and inventiveness but is actually the most charming little spot for some V-day sweetness. The creative farm-to-table cuisine produces highly individual and delightful dishes like carrot crepes, decorated with littleneck clams and sunflower, to Buckwheat Spätzle Mac and Cheese. All this and more in a beautifully spare and simply romantic restaurant garden, with perfect shades of wood and luscious arrangements of plants giving it the sentimental feel you want enveloping you both on Valentine’s Day.

Afterward, head over to the equally-cozy Weather Up for a nightcap.


Start or end the night with a cocktail and cigar at Club Macanudo.

Upper East Side

Fill up on fancy this Valentine’s Day dinner in the heart of Manhattan at Daniel, where a four-course V-day tasting menu includes Scottish Langoustine Craquelin, Foie Grass Stuffed Quail, and Saint-Honore under very idk tonight-approved headings like “Seductive” and “Tempting.” This highly refined prix-fixe spread is literally elegance in edible form, so you and your boo are all about making special occasions truly next level special, then highly consider reserving your white-linen table here.

Bemelmans Bar

Start or end the night with a cocktail at Bar Pleiades.

Upper East Side

For a ritzy, sleek and fine Valentine’s Day drink that’s all about those classic New York vibes, head to Bemelmans Bar. Decadent black glass tabletops and brown-leather banquettes continue to bring in celebs and socialites for its ample drink menu and nightly live performances, making it exactly the kind of lowkey glamor spot you want to get lovely and loose with your date.


Upper East Side

Lusardi’s is a swanky Upper East Side staple specializing in traditionally decadent Northern Italian dishes, with a dark woodwork and unmistakable vintage flair creating an old-world vibe of romance, elegance, and comfort. It’s the kind of special nook that knows how to make couples feel luxe and loved, especially if your idea of fancy goes hand in hand with truffle and homemade pastas. An extensively praised wine list spanning 400 vintage wines ensures the right romantic touch to this undoubtedly delectable meal, from the first clink of your glasses to the last spoonful of soft and fluffy tiramisu you lift into each other’s mouths.

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

Start or end the night with a cocktail at The Spaniard.

West Village

Known as the most romantic restaurant in NYC, One if by Land, Two if by Sea seamlessly blends all the classic elements essential to perfect romance for a curated experience that astounds in its beauty, grace and old-world elegance. What was once Aaron Burr’s carriage house now plays host to tables clothed in white linen and lit with slim candles, deep red exposed brick that curves into glassy arched windows and fireplaces, a shiny baby grand piano and a charming, bountiful private garden—all that you need to feel transported away on your Valentine’s Day. The classic menu offers the choice between a 3-course prix fixe or a 7-course chef’s tasting menu, which features their famed signature dish Beef Wellington, made with mushroom duxelle and beurre rouge, as well as exquisite, high-end dishes like Sliced Duck Breast and Pan Seared Scallops. There’s a reason this upscale beauty of a restaurant boasts the most engagement announcements in New York, and after a Valentine’s Dinner spent here, you’ll know why.

The Rose Bar


Fulfill your most elegant and glamorous Valentine’s dreams at the Rose Bar, a chic and high-end Victorian cocktail parlor covered in original Andy Warhols and other celebrity art that pops with the ritzy ambiance. The velvet curtains, bourbon, and billiards create a mysteriously deluxe and sexy vibe that just oozes with V-day glory—the ideal place to relax and enjoy a low-key A list hotspot while sipping on a cocktail (or two) and take pleasure in each other’s presences with the perfect surroundings to celebrate your love in.

Le Bernardin

Midtown West

Just named the best restaurant in the world by La Liste, Le Bernardin is as classy as you can get for a Valentine’s Night dinner. A “once-in-a-lifetime dining experience”, you’ll be blown away by the service and food alike. The menu is divided into headings of “Almost raw,” “Barely touched” and “Lightly cooked” so you’ll know exactly what you’re in for. Be sure to admire the incredible ocean painting by Ran Ortner spanning one wall of the restaurant—yes, that is a painting despite it’s uncanny resemblance to a real photograph.


Start or end the night with a cocktail at La Nonna.

West Village

Owning one perfect corner of a tree-lined street in the heart of the West Village since 1941, this Spanish restaurant oozes old-school romance with its warm lighting, cozy leather booths, red bow-tied waiters and authentic dishes. You can’t come here without ordering the paella (it’s our favorite in New York) and some of their famous sangria. The prices are incredibly fair, especially for the West Village. In fact, we can guarantee you’ll be surprised when you get the bill after how satiated you both are.

After dinner, head to modern-day Spanish favorite, The Spaniard, for a nightcap.

Congratulations — you’ve made it all the way through this incredibly extensive guide to Valentine’s month in New York City. We hope you’ve found a plan perfect for your coupledom, but if you need any more recommendations or guidance, feel free to shoot the idk tonight team an email at [email protected], or DM our Instagram @idktonight.

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