idk tonight is now Cobble.
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Let me start at the beginning… In 2015, I met my now husband, Nick, at a dive bar in Gramercy. Despite the fact that we had so much in common, we still had all those ‘what do you wanna do tonight - i dunno, what do you want to do?’ conversations. It was, in the best case, annoying, and in the worst case, cause for some serious hangry arguments.

So I launched idk tonight as an Instagram, website and newsletter to help NYC couples figure out what to do. The big chicken or egg question is - did idk tonight help our relationship become what it was or did our relationship help idk tonight??? Either way, both were growing, and I realized that we weren’t the only ones who needed help finding date night ideas.

During this time, I came to realize that the ideas were just one part of the solution. Agreeing on those ideas is an entirely different and crucial piece to the puzzle. This got me thinking—what if there were an easier way to agree on what to do than sending a million texts, screenshots, DMs, etc.? I couldn’t find one, so I created Cobble in 2020 to help partners cobble together date nights and spend less time planning and more time together. Amazing idea + 2 swipe rights = you’re on your way to a great night. That’s Cobble.

idk tonight was born in my living room out of my love for New York, my love for Nick, and my dream of building something that made people happier every day. Today, we’re a real company with a team of amazing people all over the world. After launching Cobble in 2020, we raised over $3 million and hired over 20 people. That happened, in large part, because of the brilliant audience we cultivated with idk tonight—that’s you. For you I am infinitely grateful. Thank you truly doesn’t cut it. But my god, thank you.

And it’s now, with only a couple tears shed, that it’s time for idk tonight and Cobble to join forces.

All of our content now lives on the Cobble app, where you and your partner can swipe through thousands of hand-picked date ideas (both at-home and in the world) to see what you like, and most importantly, see where you match. Over the next year, you’ll also be able to organize lists of things you like, explore collections of some of our favorite activities and places, use Cobble in new cities, and connect, swipe, and match with your friends and family. And don’t worry, we’ll still be creating epic giveaways, sending our weekly newsletter, and posting all the IG worthy pics—because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I feel very lucky to have the support of my family, friends, Nick, my team, and all of you loyal idk tonight followers and Cobble users. It’s been a life-changing journey, and I’m excited to share this next phase with you as we continue to grow together.

All my love,
Jordan Scott
CEO and Founder, Cobble