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Cobble in the news This new app is like Tinder for couples who need date night ideas The Cobble App Shows Couples How to Have a Good Time

Thrive Global: Jordan Scott of Cobble: “Have face-to-face interaction that isn't about work”

Authority Magazine: Jordan Scott of Cobble: How To Communicate With Your Team Effectively Even If You Are Rarely In The Same Physical Space

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You Got This! Podcast: Stop Wasting Time & Decide Already! With Jordan Scott

Digitise or Die Podcast: Jordan Scott - Life after Swipe

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Global Dating Insights Power Book 2021: Jordan Scott, One to Watch

Budding Design Podcast: Seedling Agency with Jordan Scott | Cobble

New York Times: Vows - A Well-Planned Date That Sealed the Deal and Inspired an App

Startup Pill: 68 Awesome Dating Startups Taking 2021 By Storm

AlleyWatch: Cobble Raises $3M to Solve Every Couples Dilemma: What Should We Do?

Global Dating Insights: Cobble Adds ‘Stay-In’ Date Activities For Users Nationwide

The GDI Podcast: Cobble is the Genre-Defining App Helping Couples Find New Date Locations

Cleopatras Worldwide:“For the First Time We're Reaching Both Halves of the Decision Maker.” An Interview With the Founder of Cobble App

Ciaooo! Mag: How Jordan Scott Launched a Relationship App Amidst a New York Business Shut down

Startup Pill: Best Startups Founded in New York in 2020

Masterplans: Despite Economic Uncertainty, Startups Find Opportunities

BizWomen: This app can help you figure out date night

Global Dating Insights: 'Cobble', The App For Deciding Date Activities, Raises $3 Million

Built In NYC: Cobble Raises $3M to Help You Plan Your Next Date Night

Crunchbase: Startups To Watch: Cobble, Oula And More

Fortune: VENTURE DEALS: Cobble, a New York-based decision-making app, raised $3 million in seed funding. Investors included Kerr Tech Investments

Forbes: How A 25-Year-Old Created A Tinder-Style App That Will Transform Your Next Trip

Thrive Global: Jordan Scott: “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so”

Authority Magazine: Female Disruptors: Jordan Scott of Cobble On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry Decision-Making App Cobble Helps Couples Have Fun & Explore

Be My Neighbor Podcast

NY Business Journal: New York dating app Cobble raises $3 million in seed funding

Fox 5 Good Day New York

Alleywatch: Cobble is the App That Makes Finding Date Night Ideas Easier for Couples

Ciaooo Mag: Jordan Scott is Helping Over 30,000 NYC Couples Plan the Perfect Date

Nasdaq #TradeTalks: Cobble Helps Couples Answer That Question and Launching a New Venture During Covid-19

Ladders: 10 executives on how they've set work life balance boundaries during COVID-19

She Boom: It's A Match

Fox 5 New York: Life After the Swipe

NYU Washington Square News: Alumna Develops Couples' Dating App for ‘Life After the Swipe’


WeWork: The workweek of a date-night entrepreneur

Starving Artists YouTube Cooking Show

Forbes: The Future Of Work Is Creative Collaboration

More Time Together. More Fun Together.
More Time Together. More Fun Together.

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Like what you see?